Storytelling may sound like something more suited to children. But it’s increasingly recognised as a valuable counterpart to the huge amounts of data that organisations use to inform experience design.

Alice Brazil-Burns is an award-winning producer, human-centred storyteller and researcher in user experience design. She uses the knowledge and skills from her theatrical training to help learning designers and user experience designers pay more attention to the value of storytelling when designing experiences. 

In this episode of the Ding-O-Meter, Alice explains how effective storytelling can guide experience design. Some of the key lightbulb moments that emerged from the conversation include: 

  • How storytelling reveals the shades of grey in experience design;
  • How incorporating storytelling into experience design enables us to respond more effectively to the complex needs of customers, learners, users and employees;
  • That if organisations don’t pay attention to storytelling they fail to make use of the rich feedback that their customers and employees can provide, and
  • How the ability to develop a culture of storytelling in an organisation is dependent on the extent to which its leaders value stories alongside data.

Enjoy the podcast!

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