What is service design? How does it relate to learning design, user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) design? And what can service design teach learning designers about great experiences?

Fortunately, Phil and I had the opportunity to put these questions to Agnese Spona, founder of Women in CX, MD of Made for CX, and an advocate for tackling the growing skills gap in businesses. Agnese helps market-leading organisations improve how they provide customer and user experiences by transforming their understanding of experience design. 

In this episode of the Ding-O-Meter, Agnese helps us explore the intersection of UX, CX, service and learning design to consider how each discipline can benefit from the others.

Lightbulb moments

  • How service design can help learning designers clarify the start point of an experience
  • How learning designers can help employees learn more about how people learn in order to predict behaviour more effectively
  • Why differentiating an experience based on the customer / user / learner’s needs is so important
  • How design can break down the unhelpful silos between customer, user and learning experience

Enjoy the podcast!


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