In this episode of the Ding-O-Meter, our guest is Amy Whitehead – Director of Red Stag Recruitment. Amy is a learning design recruitment specialist, which means she helps businesses find quality learning designers for learning design jobs and roles. She works with businesses of all sizes from startups to edtech giants such as apprenticeships provider Multiverse, and has a wealth of experience at placing candidates in suitable learning-related roles.

I wanted to find out what Amy looks for when she’s recruiting for learning designers. So in this episode, Amy shares her advice on what hiring managers want from learning designers, the differences between HE and more commercial learning design roles, the core skills that learning designers need, and why the ability to work with and manage stakeholders is a core skill.

Here is a summary of the advice Amy provides during the podcast:


Core skills that Learning Designers need

    • Manage the end-to-end curriculum design process
    • Use a range of learning design methods and frameworks
    • Manage and work effectively with a range of stakeholders
    • Have a curious mindset, be inquisitive
    • Confidence in using a range of digital technologies

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