Want to train your staff or faculty in learning, teaching, assessment and facilitation?

Need to improve your customer or employee onboarding process to increase engagement?

Our 5-day induction programme ensures your target audience experience a seamless, logical journey.

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What are the benefits?

Align new employees with your strategic aims and objectives

Increase tutors’ confidence in designing and delivering effective learning experiences

Enable trainers, faculty, coaches and facilitators to use new technologies

Improve your ability to assess fairly and transparently

Enhance your skills in identifying and removing barriers to learning and engagement

The introduction to learning course from Ding was transformative. As someone relatively new to teaching, the ideas and concepts introduced by Tony have totally changed my world view of what teaching can be and how to do it. His obvious passion for learning and education combined with his ability to bring people with him through a whole range of ideas and skills made the course both enjoyable and thought provoking.”

Kate Jennings

Subject Tutor, West Dean College

Who is it for?

Our Induction sessions have helped people in these roles

Senior Manager

Senior Manager

Our induction course helps you identify ways to engage employees with new systems, products and changes to strategy


Tutor / Faculty

Our induction course increases your confidence in designing, delivering and assessing teaching and learning experiences


Academic Dean

Our induction course helps faculty improve the induction process for new students to enhance satisfaction and engagement

Ding's strategy workshops
Ding's strategy workshops
Ding Induction Workshop

How It Works

We work with you to plan the induction

You tell us what your target audience finds difficult. We ask you what the induction needs to deliver. Then:

We build and facilitate the induction programme

Step 1: We build the assets, activities and learning outcomes to engage your audience

Step 2: We facilitate activities that deliver the intended learning outcomes, or support your tutors to facilitate it

Step 3: We enable your target audience to develop the. knowledge and skills they need

Step 4: We enable your audience to reflect and consolidate their learning into a practical action plan

Take a step towards a more engaged audience

Uncertain how onboarding affects your learners or customers?

Curious about how you could produce a change in behaviour?

Need support to guide you through the transition?

We’d love to have a conversation with you.







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