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We also run a 6-week Learning Design Bootcamp to help people learn how to do it.

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learning design

Learning Design

our design and evaluation service ensures you get maximum value and impact from your learning and training provision



tailor-made interventions to tackle complex issues and deliver lasting transformation through better learning

Ding Course Evaluation


our course evaluation service checks the health of your course, and helps you tune it for maximum performance.

“Ding showed us how we could translate our established and successful short course programme into an effective online learning experience, maintaining our distinctiveness and all important sense of place while focusing on student learning.”

Francine Norris

Principal, West Dean College of Art and Design

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We share stories and examples of inspiring learning design on our blog and our podcast, The Ding-O-Meter.
Our tasty takeaways are packed with top tips. You can also find us on LinkedIn and peruse our published research. 

”Ding provided some excellent, out of the box thinking to determine which of our products sat where within the Higher Education framework, and how best to showcase them. They listened and understood what we wanted, went away and delivered exactly that. We would highly recommend working with them if you need expert advice pertaining to understanding and delivering in the HE sector.”

Neill Friend

CEO, Amica Interactive

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