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Why Ding is our thing

Back when we were designing and delivering our own high-performing courses, we felt frustrated by institutional conversations around quality assurance.

The focus on metrics often ignored crucial factors for student success and satisfaction. 

This resulted in poor learning experiences and low morale among course teams, as they grappled with the disconnect between metrics and genuine student engagement.

We founded Ding because we are driven by a desire to refocus on the student learning experience.

Our goal is simple: reintroduce the sector to fundamental factors that drive effective outcomes and foster high-quality learning.

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What we do

We help providers of creative education navigate compliance and quality while enhancing the student experience through effective learning design.

“Ding showed us how we could translate our established and successful short course programme into an effective online learning experience, maintaining our distinctiveness and all important sense of place while focusing on student learning.”

Francine Norris

Principal, West Dean College of Art and Design

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We’ll reimagine your learning experience to engage and inspire

We support independent education providers to design and deliver their courses more creatively.

“Working with Ding has had a huge impact on our learning content, making it more engaging and relevant for our learners. Ding expertly navigated our new platform and delivered high-quality content with impressive efficiency. Their unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and initiative sets a high bar in the industry. I absolutely loved working with them!”

Christine Doonan

Learning Designer, Multiverse

Come to our webinar!

We run a monthly webinar where we share advice for designing and delivering high-performing creative courses.

Reserve your place to find out how our learning design expertise produces creative solutions for education providers.

When you register, you can send us a question in advance and we’ll answer it in the webinar.

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The Art of Engagement

How Creative Learning Design Can Improve the Student Experience

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The Art of Possibility

How Creative Learning Design can Deliver Sustainable Higher Education

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The Art of Impact

How Creative Learning Design Can Increase Access and Engagement 

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