Course Refresh

Nothing kills engagement more than tired Powerpoints, videos and activities.

So why not let us give your course content a makeover?

Whether you’re a lecturer or a business professional, we make your learning materials work harder for you to create better experiences and more value.

Ding's Content Makeover


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What are the benefits of a course refresh?

Improve engagement

Increase your professionalism

Help your message land more convincingly

Ensure your learning assets are inclusive and accessible

Turn that folder full of videos you
don’t know what to do with into
valuable learning opportunities

”I’d created lots of Zoom recordings for my students during Covid which were just me talking to camera. Ding chunked them into chapters, combined them with my Powerpoints, improved the layout and turned them into practical teaching resources. They’re so much more useful to me now.”

Dr. Jennifer Scott

Course Leader, MA Architecture, Arts University Bournemouth

Who needs a course refresh?

Our course refresh service has helped people in these roles

Senior Manager

Business Manager

A course refresh improves the storytelling in your presentations and videos to help them connect with your audience more effectively


Head of Learning

A course refresh improves brand consistency and helps you reinvigorate outdated Powerpoints and videos to extract more learning value


University Lecturer

A course refresh improves student engagement by ensuring your Powerpoints and videos look amazing while removing barriers to learning

Ding's strategy workshops
Ding's strategy workshops
Ding's strategy workshops

How It Works

A 60-minute scoping session

You show us the content you’d like us to work on. We ask you questions about your intended audience. Then we’ll prepare a quotation for the work. 

An agreed set of deliverables

We’ll produce a draft asset for you to consider. Once you have confirmed you’re happy, we:

Step 1: Improve the layout to increase impact and inclusivity

Step 2: Adapt the sequencing to improve storytelling

Step 3: Edit the content into chunks to improve comprehension

Step 4: Enhance the imagery to drive engagement

Step 5: Produce video subtitles to improve accessibility

Take a step towards better content

Fed up with having average content?

Need your content to land more effectively with your audience?

Want to do something useful with all those video recordings?

We’d love to have a conversation with you.







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