Course Review

Want to review and improve an existing learning programme?

Or maybe scope and plan a new learning product or training course?

Our 5-day course review ensures you’ll deliver the intended outcomes.

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Benefits of a course review

Clarify the outcomes your course needs to deliver

Involve key stakeholders in the design or redesign processprocess

Fix persistent problems with engagement, satisfaction and assessment 

Produce an action plan that enables you to improve and optimise the learning experience

”I’m very proud of the 6-week GA4 training course that I’ve developed at Measurelab alongside the extraordinary brainpower of Tony and Phil from Ding Learning. It’s got everything you’ll need to be confident about accessing, interpreting and ultimately using the data you have in GA4.”

Daniel Perry-Reed

Analytics Consultant, Measurelab

Who needs a course review?

Our course review service has helped people in these roles

Training Manager

Training Manager

A course review enables you to increase return on investment in a learning product or programme by optimising the learning experience



A course review enables you to scope a new learning product or experience and turn an idea into a sellable product


Head of Faculty

A course review enables you to review an existing course or learning programme and iterate it to improve engagement and satisfaction

How to design a learning product or training course
How to design a learning product or training course
How to design a learning product or training course

How It Works

A 60-minute scoping session

You show us your existing course or the vision for your learning product. Then we plan a 5-day sprint to help you turn your vision into reality:

A 5-day sprint

Day 1: We interview you and your team to develop perspectives

Day 2: We facilitate a 1-day workshop to scope and plan the learning experience

Day 3: We analyse the output from the workshop

Day 4: We present the findings for you to conside

Day 5: We incorporate feedback and amendments to develop a roadmap for your learning product.

Take a step towards happier learners

Not sure how to structure your course?

Need to build consensus about the intended learning experience?

Want to ensure your course aligns with your strategy while meeting your learners’ needs?

We’d love to have a conversation with you.

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