Paul Hoskins is Principal at Curio, a global higher education consultancy. Paul has been at the forefront of digital transformation in Higher Education for over 30 years, during which he grew Precedent, his digital agency, into a global education consulting business. The reason we’re so chuffed to plug Paul into the Ding-O-Meter is that, as Principal of Curio, he has a privileged insight into the challenges and opportunities currently facing Higher Education at a global level. In this episode, Paul highlights key opportunities for universities to help them weather the challenging conditions currently facing the sector.

Whether you’re a lecturer, a software vendor, or a Vice-Chancellor, there will be more than one lightbulb moment in this episode for you – but the Ding-O-Meter certainly lit up when Paul talked about the following:


  • The value of universities taking more ownership of their digital space, and making better use of data and analytics to deliver a more personalised learning experience
  • The urgent need for universities to take seriously the growing pressures that their teaching staff are experiencing
  • The importance of universities lower down the league tables really understanding what they are, and of remaining true to their brand in order to differentiate authentically
  • The opportunities to use more cross-functional teams and projects to drive innovation and agility in universities

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