Jordan Buckner is a film-maker, artist and lecturer in animation. In response to lockdown, he moved his teaching into online spaces that his students were already using – particularly Twitch and Discord. The result was not only minimal disruption to students’ learning experience, but also the opportunity to give them a window into his professional life as a creative professional. In this episode of the Ding-O-Meter, Jordan discusses the benefits and challenges of moving his teaching into his students’ online world, and considers how less formal online activities can help to build meaningful learning relationships between tutors and students.

Among the key Ding moments to look out in this episode are: 

  • The value of basing your choice of learning technology on the specific needs of the group you’re working with;
  • The problems of a ‘solutionism’ approach to using learning technologies, and the danger of assuming that one platform can do everything you need;
  • The benefits of ‘going where your learners are’, and of using platforms that they’re already using to create and sustain engagement;
  • The ways in which using tutors using contemporary practices such livestreaming can show learners a less formal, or a more human side of tutors’ lives, and how this can support the creation of meaningful and engaging learning relationships.

We hope you enjoy this episode – if you have a lightbulb moment, please share it in the comments below!

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