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What’s it all about?

Find out why we launched the Ding Learning Design agency.

Get top tips form Ding’s Ray Martin on how to design inclusive learning experiences.

Learn about Phil’s insights into the power of community in learning design

Read Nicholas’ postcards full of top tips for curriculum design

Geek out with Tony’s quick guides to key learning design theories.

”I loved the quick tips about learning and teaching design that I could use straight away. And the longer articles provided deep insights into the world of learning design, and how it can benefit higher education.”

Sallyanne Theodosiou

External Examiner, Coventry University

Who is it for?

Our learning design build service has helped people in these roles

Senior Manager

Senior Lecturer

Ding’s Almanac will help you be less perplexed by the constant and varied demands of students and universities


Learning Designer

Reconnect with underlying theories and practical tools to create effective and engaging learning experiences



Get an insight into the world of learning design, and find out how it has the power to shape our experience of the world

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We’ve designed our Almanac so it’s easy to browse. It contains a mix of long-form articles, 1-page practical tips, conversations and insights from the Ding team. You can read it from start to finish, or just open a page and pick up a tip. 

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