What is a design sprint, and how does it relate to learning design? 

In this episode, we talk with Rob Hamblen, founder of the LEAP design agency where he helps companies build better digital products and experiences. Rob has worked with big names including American Express, Adidas, HSBC and McKinsey to develop innovative solutions to their digital challenges. He’s also a former Creative Director at IBM, and has been working at the forefront of design and innovation for over 15 years. 

When we met Rob, we were struck by his passion and enthusiasm for great design. Our conversation led to the factors that produce great user experiences, and we were keen to learn more about his Design Sprint methodology and its potential relevance to learning design. So we were super excited when he agreed to be a guest on the Ding-O-Meter! 

During the podcast, Rob provides an insight into the relationship between UX design and learning design, and explains how design sprints can guide the learning design process. He also shares his views about the value of learning designers working alongside other design disciplines in organisations. 

Enjoy the podcast!


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