Geraldine Murphy was a learning designer before learning design was invented. After completing her teacher training back in 2009, Geraldine has applied her knowledge of learning and technology in schools, colleges, universities, and commercial organisations. and is currently Director of Content Solutions and Services at LearningMate.

Her depth of experience gives her a highly informed perspective to talk about the emerging field of learning design, and this is why we were so excited to have the opportunity to talk with her. In this episode, Geraldine explains how using principles of andragogy can help learning designers harness intrinsic motivation in learners, and shares her views on how learning designers can work alongside UX and UI specialists to add value to businesses.

Geraldine also shares her views on the factors that make a great learning experience which include language, writing and connection, and the important role of narrative in guiding learners through a learning experience.


Lightbulb moments

  • Differentiating between andragogy and pedagogy is important when designing learning experiences for adult learners
  • Effective adult learning is dependent on harnessing intrinsic motivation;
  • Learning Designers need strong skills in writing and narrative development;
  • Videos will only get you so far – engaging in real time is required for deeper learning.

Enjoy the podcast!


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