Building a Blended Learning Community

Developing a sense of community amongst your learners can improve engagement, satisfaction, achievement and retention. 

This workshop shows you how to nurture and maintain a thriving community around your course.

What will you learn?

Part 1: laying the foundations of your community

  • Choosing an appropriate platform
  • Aligning your community with your learning outcomes
  • Planning community activities
  • Defining community support roles and responsibilities
  • Moving your teaching towards facilitation
  • Anticipating and resolving technical issues

Part 2: launching and managing your community

  • Introducing your online learning community
  • Onboarding and engaging your learners
  • Understanding your role as community leader
  • Facilitating effective community activities and discussions
  • Resolving disputes and differences of opinion
  • Harnessing peer support and feedback


Building Community in Online Learning