When you’re designing a corporate training experience, it’s much more likely to be effective if employees perceive it as coming from within the existing culture of the business. This can be challenging for learning designers, because it means we have to find out about the existing culture and values before we build any learning content.

So how do you find out about the culture and values of a business?

Well, one person who does this a lot is Marisa Knowledge, Managing Director of the People Untapped agency. Marisa has worked with businesses of all sizes to design and deliver training, and she is a firm believer in the value of designing into an existing culture. In this episode, Marisa shares her tips and advice for doing this including:

  • make sure the training programme is sponsored by the leadership team and aligned with one or more business objectives
  • be transparent that you’re first going to learn as much as you can about the culture of the business
  • plan culturally aligned activities that will enable learners to transfer what they’re learning into the business
  • identify the factors that are likely to make learners accountable for their learning

Enjoy the podcast!

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