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our workshops give your team the confidence and creativity to deliver awesome online learning

You can’t worry about your passengers until you can fly the plane. This half-day workshop enables you to use Zoom confidently and creatively to provide engaging learning, rewarding teaching, and happy passengers.

Need to put a spark into your online teaching? Want some fresh ideas to excite your learners? This workshop gives you tried and tested tools and techniques for teaching creatively online, helping you maximise engagement and satisfaction.

Talking at learners doesn’t work online. But what options do you have for creating interaction? This workshop gives you a wealth of creative online learning activities to help you make online teaching exciting and engaging for your learners.

Developing a sense of community amongst your learners can improve engagement, satisfaction, achievement and retention. This workshop shows you how to nurture and maintain a thriving community in your online course.

Make sure you don’t leave anyone behind. This workshop enables you to deliver truly inclusive teaching by anticipating the different needs of your online learners, and ensuring that everyone has maximum opportunities to succeed.

How can you make online assessment more engaging? This workshop provides examples, ideas and inspiration for taking your online assessment to the next level. You’ll learn how to make assessment more enjoyable and effective for you and your learners.

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