Teaching Creatively On Zoom

A huge amount of teaching is now happening on Zoom, but many teachers have had little support to help them get the most out of teaching online.

If you’re one of those teachers, we’re here to help. Our workshop on Teaching Creatively Online gives you the confidence and skills to make online learning more fun, more interactive and more effective.

What will you learn?

Part 1: maximising engagement

  • Getting the most out of breakout rooms
  • Sharing video and audio clips
  • Pre-recording content with Zoom to give you an extra pair of hands
  • Using a second camera
  • Creating polls to obtain feedback
  • Annotating documents and images
  • Facilitating discussion with the chat panel

Part 2: designing successful sessions

  • Making students feel welcome
  • Dealing with ‘cameras off’
  • Chairing effective online discussions
  • Owning your Zoom settings to save you time
  • Structuring inclusive sessions
  • Using live Zoom sessions as part of a learning ecosystem
  • Recording and sharing sessions