Joining an online teaching session can be daunting for learners.

When you’re preparing your session, think about how you can remove as many barriers for your learners as possible. Some of the most common barriers are:

1. finding the link to join

  • if possible, send your learners a URL that they can simply click to join your session
  • try to avoid asking them to register for the session if possible, as this will create barriers to joining

2. connecting their audio and video

  • if you can, choose a video-conferencing platform that is intuitive, and guides learners through connecting their microphone and webcam – Zoom is a great example
  • email simple, step-by-step instructions to your learners – no more than 1 page – that they can follow if they have difficulties

3. knowing how to participate


  • before the session, set clear expectations about how you want your learners to participate – this will minimise their anxiety and maximise their learning
  • only show your learners the buttons and features that you want them to use – don’t show them everything and the kitchen sink

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