Our guest in this episode is Jo Nolan, who is the managing director of cultural development agency Screen South. Now, what’s a cultural development agency I hear you ask? Well, Screen South connect artists, film-makers and digital creatives with funding opportunities to bring awesome projects and ideas to life. Jo brings people together from across the arts, heritage, leisure, tourism and education to form partnerships that create opportunities for the next generation of digital creatives.

We wanted to find out more about how the artists she’s working with have responded to the need to work remotely, and also about the challenges she’s faced with managing creative teams online. So among the lightbulb moments in this episode are:

  • The difficulty in being able to get to the heart of a problem that can occur when working with teams online;
  • The value of using breakout rooms to create online learning spaces that are less pressured;
  • The idea that all the technology in the world is only as valuable as the idea for creating content that the person using it is having;
  • And the ultimate power of the conversation to shape an idea through reflection and discussion.

We hope you enjoy this episode – if you have a lightbulb moment, please share it in the comments below!


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