Increasing engagement in online learning

Talking at learners won’t work online. But what options do you have for creating interaction?

This workshop gives you a wealth of creative online learning activities to help you make online teaching exciting and engaging for your learners.

What will you learn?

Part 1: active learning strategies

  • Flipping your teaching with video
  • Extending learning with asynchronous discussions
  • Using Padlet to support group research projects
  • Creating collaborative presentations with Google Slides
  • Developing group mind-maps with Miro
  • Harnessing team-based learning
  • Creative personal development planning with LEGO

Part 2: minimising barriers to engagement

  • Making students feel welcome
  • Running a pre-mortem to anticipate difficulties
  • Structuring sessions around questions
  • Selecting the appropriate tools for you and your learners
  • Onboarding your learners effectively