Dr Emi Garzitto is a conflict coach and workplace climate specialist. For years, Emi has been doing awesome work in schools to help kids deal with conflict, and she’s now helping people and businesses adopt conflict resolution strategies to improve outcomes.

In this episode, Emi explains how we need to be more aware of how to read our own and others’ body language as we all work increasingly online in order to mitigate conflict.

The key Ding! moments from this podcast are:

  • The need to anticipate conflict in any learning situation, then discuss conflict resolution openly at the start of the session or programme of learning
  • The importance of being mindful of the signals we’re not receiving because we’re working online, and how this can create and exacerbate conflict,
  • the value of remembering that our mind and body are deeply connected, and that to get the most out of our brain, we need to move our body regularly, and
  • And also being mindful of what our body is constantly telling us about how we’re feeling, and how we can use this awareness to inform how we respond.

Emi is also hosting a webinar on Wednesday 2nd September at 9.00am PCT. In the webinar, Emi will be tackling the following questions:

  • What can you do to identify if you or others are struggling to navigate the virtual workplace?
  • And how can you learn how to manage conflict effectively at work and home without adding to your stress load?

You’ll also discover the:

  • 5 key questions to ask yourself and your employees to determine how they are managing at work
  • 5 signs you may be struggling to manage a remote workforce
  • 5 ways you can, as a family member, gauge how your family is coping with change
  • How to access free resources and support that is available for you
  • You’ll also have a chance to engage in a 60-minute free 1:1 strategy session

 Register for the webinar here!


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