Creative course design and delivery

Designing a course is a complex process.

First, you have to establish clear learning outcomes that meet the needs of both you and your learners.

Next, you need to design a sequence of engaging learning activities that enable your learners to achieve the outcomes. 

And finally, it’s essential to minimise any barriers your learners may face at each stage of your course. 

Increasing engagement with active learning

What will you learn?

Week 1

Designing creative
learning outcomes

  • Using appropriate language
  • Setting outcomes at the right level
  • Aligning outcomes with criteria
  • Making learning visible
  • Ensuring progression

Week 2

Using active
learning strategies

  • Flipping your teaching with video
  • Extending learning with asynchronous discussions
  • Using Padlet to support group research projects
  • Creating collaborative presentations with Google Slides
  • Developing group tasks with Miro
  • Harnessing team-based learning
  • Creative personal development planning with LEGO

Week 3

Minimising barriers
to engagement

  • Making students feel welcome
  • Running a pre-mortem to anticipate difficulties
  • Structuring sessions around questions
  • Selecting the appropriate tools for you and your learners
  • Onboarding your learners effectively