Working With The Zoom Toolbox


New to teaching online? Zoom is a fantastic tool for engaging and supporting your learners, but how do you teach with it?

This half day workshop enables you to use Zoom’s toolbox with confidence to provide effective learning and rewarding teaching.

What will you learn?

Part 1: familiarising yourself with the controls
  • Scheduling and launching sessions
  • Using the participants list
  • Muting and umuting
  • Working with the chat
  • Sharing slides, videos and documents
  • Changing your background
  • Using breakout rooms
  • Recording your sessions
Part 2: preparing to teach online
  • Planning your teaching space
  • Lighting your teaching space
  • Testing your microphone
  • Creating inclusive resources
  • Structuring your session
  • Tips and tricks to minimise turbulence
  • Using your complementary Zoom flight manual


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